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A 2014 Farewell to Summer

The summer is waning, the days are growing shorter, and the Old Whaling Church is hot on our heels! Get ready for our 22nd annual Farewell to Summer Concert extravaganza next Saturday (8/23) at 7:30pm in the Edgartown Old Whaling Church. We’ll be showing off every tune we know, donning our brightest pastels, and singing our hearts out for two-hours of fun!

Tickets are already going quickly, so call (603) 397-7779 or visit us here to make sure you’re there for the biggest night of the season!

‘Twas the night before Old Whaling…

In order to avoid conflict with the Oak Bluffs fireworks, and in the spirit of giving our lovely audiences the best Old Whaling concert possible, we will be cancelling our final weekly Friday show (8/22) at the St. Andrews church in Edgartown.

Unfortunately, this means that last night was our last concert for the St. Andrews audience, but if you’re going to be on the Vineyard next weekend, you won’t have to miss a beat! You can still catch us at our big Farewell to Summer Concert on Saturday at 7:30pm at the Old Whaling Church!

We’ll see you there!

The Sound in The Gazette!

Our friends at the Vineyard Gazette just released a full story on the Vineyard Sound, featuring a special interview with our returning veterans and our diligent business manager, Ethan Underhill!

photo (17)

Check out the full article here or on the Gazette site for the scoop on our Kennedy Center show, our summer mindset, and everything we do to make the season fun!