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VS Alumni Show in NYC

vs alum show
Vineyard Sound in New York? Is it true?! You betcha.
Join us for the 4th Annual VS Spring Alumni Show on Saturday April 5th, 8pm. We’ll be singing songs dating back to VS’s first summer in ’92, as well as more recent VS tunes from the past couple years. The show will the take place at the gorgeous Calvary-St. George’s Church on 61 Gramercy Park N. 
Come down to hear that good ol’ acapella sung by some of our 100+ alumni- you may even recognize a couple voices! Hard to believe, but we’re still soundin pretty darn good after 21 years of VS.
Here’s the info again:
4th Annual VS Spring Alumni Show
Saturday April 5th, 8pm
Calvary-St. George’s Church
61 Gramercy Park N.
New York, NY 10010
Hope to see ya there!
~ Vineyard Sound ~

Happy New Year to All!

As one year ends…


…another begins! 

A happy happy New Year from the Vineyard Sound! We hope that you all had a wonderful night, and that 2014 is a good one. On that note, VS thanks alum Anand Nyack (VS’94-’95) for his heart-warming New Year’s Facebook status:

“For the record: 2014 is going to be big and brave, friends. As big and brave as we can make it. May we all rise to challenges, take care of selves that include each other, play with our kids, make a ruckus, sing some harmonies, practice, improve, play the banjo, take actions to preserve and heal, dance, make fools of ourselves, laugh our asses off, accept our imperfection and lean closer to LOVE!”

We couldn’t have said it any better. Thanks for singing in the new year so well, Anand, we join in harmony!


~ Vineyard Sound ~




New VS Album ’13, “Blackjack” is out!


Hot out of the recording studio comes a new Vineyard Sound album to add to the collection! We’re thrilled to announce that the Vineyard Sound’s 21st Annual Summer Album, Blackjack, is out.

The Vineyard Sound produces an album every year that is a collection of the best tunes from the prior summer. The albums are composed of live recordings from our Mid-way Through Summer Tabernacle Show, and the Farewell to Summer Old Whaling Show.

On Blackjack, you’ll find such VS classics as “Good Old Acapella,” “Southern Cross,” and “Walking in Memphis,” as well as new additions to the VS repertoire from the past summer 2013 group like the classic rock hit, “The Boys are Back in Town,” Gerswhin’s gorgeous love song, “Someone to Watch Over Me,” and, VS’13s favorite, ”Stacey’s Mom”!

This holiday, fill your home with the best acapella tunes around from yours truly, the Vineyard Sound. Pick up a copy of Blackjack through the Vineyard Sound site today! Its the perfect holiday gift for any friend, family member–even pet!

Have a happy holiday, and we’ll see ya next summer!


~ Vineyard Sound ~